Battery Storage

Through the use of emerging technologies such as battery storage, we’re moving Florida forward and creating a stronger, smarter grid that can deliver energy you can count on.

Battery storage allows excess energy to be stored during times when production, especially from renewable sources such as solar power, exceeds consumption. Stored energy can be returned to the grid when it’s needed most. By pairing batteries with our solar power plants, for example, we’re studying ways to extend the benefits of the sun, even when it isn’t shining.


How Battery Storage Works

Battery storage systems are made up of three main components:

1.     Batteries

2.     Battery module

3.     Battery racks

A rechargeable battery, similar to those used in everyday items like smartphones and electric vehicles, is placed into a protective case called a battery module. Each module is stored on a large battery rack, as pictured above. Together, these racks are placed into large storage containers; additional components, such as an A/C system, help with temperature and humidity control.

Think of battery storage systems as a large reservoir for energy. When more energy is generated than what is used, battery storage systems can collect and hold the excess energy until it’s needed. Once it’s ready for use, the battery is discharged and an inverter is used to control the flow of energy. For example, FPLs Babcock Ranch Battery Storage Project is a 10-megawatt battery storage system that can send up to 10 megawatts of power to the energy grid for a period of up to four hours, sending as much or as little as needed to the energy grid to help power homes and businesses during that time period.


Battery Storage Systems in Florida

For many years, FPL has been testing multiple applications of advanced battery storage technologies to improve reliability and develop a stronger, smarter energy grid for our customers. We are piloting battery storage systems in various counties and are working on building additional systems in the near future.

We continue to evaluate these and additional battery storage projects to continue moving Florida forward with reliable, affordable and clean energy while keeping customer bills low.

Ariel view of Babcock Ranch solar panels and battery storage containers

Babcock Ranch Battery Storage System

In 2018, FPL created the largest combined solar-plus-storage facility operating in the U.S. when it added a 10-megawatt battery storage system to the FPL Babcock Ranch Solar Energy Center. The system, which captures energy generated by the solar power plant and stores it for later use, is helping improve reliability for thousands of local homes.

Every day, we continue working to find new ways to better serve our customers with advanced technology and efficiency improvements. That's how we continue to set the standard for advancing affordable clean energy.


Exterior view of Florida Bay Battery Storage System near the Everglades

Florida Bay

Located at the southern tip of the Everglades, a battery system helps keep the power on for a remote community outpost visited by thousands every year.

Exterior view of Southwest Battery Storage System containers in Miami-Dade County

Recycled Battery Project

The Southwest storage project in Miami-Dade County uses automotive batteries acquired after the end of the vehicle’s life cycle.

Side view of FPL Citrus Battery Storage System containers next to solar panels

FPL Citrus Solar+Storage

The cutting-edge system is the first in the U.S. to integrate battery technology in a way that increases a solar power plant’s overall energy output.

Small green community energy storage system container

Community Battery Pilot

Batteries in three communities in South Florida discharge during brief service interruptions and improve service reliability.

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